The Young Housewife’s Guiding Light

Here sits a budding young woman,

Ripe with youth, past her teenage years,

Alone to learn for herself,

She searches with little response,

To find her way to doing it right,

For there is no book to guide,

Little articles here and there,

Are a godsend to this young housewife,

So here sits a young budding housewife,

In search of how to do it right,

Her mind swims with meal plans,

Chore lists, budgets, and recipes.

This blog she created,

with hopes of finding others

who know this boat she is in,

Mothers and Grandmothers to give her light,

And others on the same path as she.

How do I do this, the housewife thing?

There is no book, so instead I’ll make one here.


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